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How does the GadgetsClinic.com work?

Our aim is to get the GadgetsClinic.com number stuck on the wall in your kitchen, so that whenever you, or you family, have aproblem with one of your gadgets you can call us to solve it!
"You don't need drag your heavy computer to services center to repairs or comfusing with peripherals cables and how to installing it"
Our services is personal in your convient time.
We will ensure you to understand step by step for every problem we solve so you won't call us for the same problem. No hassle to unplug everything and load it all into your car. Our visiting save your precious time so you can focusing with your work and study.
we’re happy to arrange a visit at a time that suits you.


Technology should make your life easier not suffering. GadgetsClinic.com will help you mastering all your gadgets and no hassle.
Understanding the basic features till hand on your complicated projects.
…starting how to start up computer and free your PC from virus, spyware and trojans. Confident with
your automatic back up and recovery your important data.
Exploring your internet anywhere by installing broadband or optimizing 3G network of your smartphone.
We also can help you how to establish free video conference and free international calls by power up your gadgets features.

When you call the GadgetsClinic.com, you’ll be put straight through to our best consultant who is highly trained at talking youthrough your gadget problems in a simple, friendly and informative manner.